University of Maryland Product Evaluation

Posted on Dec 3, 2019

The University of Maryland recently completed a product evaluation of DUST. Their results were:

Results Based on the data observed in 2019, the DUST soy protein seed lubricant is comparable to other seed lubricants commonly used in Maryland for corn and soybean production. There were no differences in emergence or yield among the treatments for either corn or soybeans, indicating all seed lubricants perform as well as each other and a control plot where no seed lubricant was used. Additionally, there was 3 no effect of seed lubricant on early season vigor observed in either corn or soybeans in 2019. Additional extension reports will be prepared to include an economic analysis of the use of seed lubricants, as there is a difference in price and amount of product recommended for use. If product performance is similar, as demonstrated in 2019, then product cost and availability will likely be the deciding factors for use of DUST by Maryland producers.