This cleaner and safer replacement to talc and graphite has farmers talking! Switch now to the seed lubricant made entirely from U.S. soybeans. It’s renewable, and “Made in America” and can be used for replacing talc and graphite in your seed meter systems. DUST is a premium seed and meter lubricant. Click to order now!

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Dust – 14lb Pail

Low Mu Tech Soy Protein planter lubricant as studied at Kansas State University. Insecticide-free. Carcinogen-free. Does not abrade seeds. Non-carcinogenic.  Made entirely from U.S. soybeans.

      14 Pound Pail $130 plus shipping

  • Helps seeds move through planters.
  • Lowers static electricity
  • Healthier to use
  • Does all the things like Graphite and Talc, none of the problems!
  • Don’t wear it home!
  • Totally renewable
  • Not found in the soil after 28 days
  • Patent number 10,426,077

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Buy Dust – 14lb Pail


  • Patented and made from 100% US Soybeans
  • Assists with seed flow in meters and throughout planter delivery system
  • Lowers static
  • Provides planter parts lubrication
  • Healthier alternative to Graphite & Talc
  • Easy to use and cleaner than other options
  • Totally renewable & sustainable
  • Biodegradable and not found in the soil after 28 days from planting
  • Use in planters, drills, and seeders
  • Can be used in most talc & graphite Applicators

Additional Information

Bucket Size14lb
Total Weight17lb

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Learn More About DUST

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes DUST safe?

DUST is cleaner, safer, and soy. It is made 100% from soybeans. It is a clean manufactured product that is safer to use and clean up. It easily washes off your hands, clothes, and equipment. Our manufacturing process produces more uniform spherical particle size that reduces static and provides excellent lubricity while reducing dustiness. These characteristics make DUST a robust seed box lubricant. No more grimy talc and graphite.

How does DUST compare to Talc or Graphite?

Multiple universities in the USA have studied DUST. It has been shown to provide excellent singulation and seed movement results.

Reviews put DUST soybean lubricant better than talc or graphite in terms of handling, cleanliness, and health considerations.

See the university studies

Where can I buy DUST?

Low Mu Tech has dealers across North America stocking DUST. To purchase locally, check out our Dealer Locator to find the location nearest to you. Or, call 1-844-438-3878 to be directed to your closest dealer.

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Other than health, what benefits are there to using DUST?

Aside from health considerations, the low-level “dustiness” is the biggest draw. Farmers using DUST have testified to how much “less-dusty” the product is in comparison to other options. They like how it works well in their equipment. DUST does not stick to your clothes and is very easy to clean off your hands. This means less residue on your clothes, on your equipment, and in the tractor cab or truck.

It’s easy to wash out of your clothes too. Click to see how one farmer discusses the ease of cleanup.

Hear one farmer discuss how easy DUST is to clean up

How is DUST packaged?

DUST is packaged in a 14-pound pail. For larger quantities we have a bulk bag option for those treating large volume units of seed in the warehouse. Talk to any of our dealers or contact us directly to find out which option is best for you.

How are farmers responding to DUST?

We have seen a strong increase in demand for DUST since introduction. Previous to the introduction of DUST, farmers had no clear “cleaner and safer” option to the current standard materials. Farmers tell us they literally “hate” talc and graphite, and they are looking for a better solution.

Farmers are now picking the Cleaner. Safer. Soy. option that is safer for them to use. Check out what farmers, researchers, and university testing locations are saying about DUST in the section below.

Customer Testimonials

  • Daniel Braet

    Daniel Braet, Iowa

    We’ve been using this product for the last four years now. We’ve chosen to use it over graphite. It’s cleaner, easier to use. We’ve seen a great improvement in emergence and stability. Clean-up is very easy. It’s not on your clothes, it’s easy to wipe off and clean-up of machinery is very easy. We take a little bit of compressed air, maybe a wire brush, and off it goes.

    Daniel Braet, corn and soybeans. Bellevue, Iowa
  • David Walton

    David Walton

    We decided at the beginning of the season to setup a comparison between the two (graphic/talc and DUST) because I was not familiar with DUST. We used graphic/talc in one hopper of the planter and we used DUST on the other. The thing that jumped out at me first was on the monitor. We could see on the DUST side of the planter a more even drop rate compared to the talc and graphite side. The next thing we noticed was the cleanliness. On the DUST side, the mini hoppers didn’t have any residue whatsoever. On the side we used talc and graphite on, it had a little build-up of graphite. When you’d fill the graphite side on a windy day, it was everywhere. The DUST side, when you’d fill it, there was basically nothing on you. It was a night and day different. It made the wife happy for sure.

    Corn & Soybeans, Wilton, Iowa
  • David Deering

    DUST worked very well in our John Deere planter. We have Precision Planting Speed Tube and we were please how it worked in this setup. The cleaner aspect of how the product handles is a major benefit. I have customers who also used it and are pleased.

    David Deering – Farmer & Consultant, Postville, IA
  • Tim Doyle

    We used DUST on corn and soybeans in a John Deere CCS Planter. I did not have any issues with bridging. It worked just as good as the 80/20 mix.

    Tim Doyle – Farmer & 1st Place Category Winner State Corn Yield Contest – Franklinville, NJ
  • Jerry Maier

    I have used this product for 3 years, and it is fabulous. I don’t have the “dust” problems with it and the seed flows out the most even I have ever seen in my planter. I like the ease of use and how I don’t have to wear gloves and worry about getting graphite on my hands, nor worry about inhaling the graphite.

    Jerry Maier – Farmer – Eagle Grove, IA
  • Jason Engelby

    DUST made planting sweet corn almost painless in our JD 1770 24 row. The packing company’s field man was impressed!

    Jason Engelby – Engelby Farms – Winnebago, MN