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Low Mu Tech is operated by a group of multi-generational farmers who are dedicated to providing innovative solutions for problems in agriculture.

Farming has a lot of things that can be improved – one of those things is the reliance on talc and graphite based products. By looking at this problem with fresh eyes, with a lot of work and development, a new solution is available now. Most farmers hate talc and graphite blowing in their faces and getting on their clothes, equipment, and family members.

We created a patented product that is a direct replacement to talc and graphite. Cleaner. Safer. Soy. Simple as that.

Your Soybean Check-Off Dollars from the United Soybean Board are put to work in commercializing DUST to increase demand for soybeans. Patent number 10,426,077

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Farmers using DUST talk about how well it works

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Farmers Support Expanding Use of Soybeans

Low Mu Tech is proud to feature U.S. soybeans in DUST.

Good news – it requires approximately 1 bushel of soybeans to make 11 pounds of DUST.

The utilization of this eco-friendly, renewable resource contributes to a greater demand for U.S. grown soybeans. When you use DUST, it creates greater demand for a “Made in America” ag product. That just makes good business sense for your farm. Use what you Grow!

Industry Alliances & Research

Farmers benefit from Low Mu Tech’s alliance with the United Soybean Board (USB). Thanks to farmer’s Soy Check-Off Dollars, grants have been awarded to Low Mu Tech for funding the research, proving out, and commercialization of this innovation.

Kansas State University tested how DUST performs. The verdict? DUST performed equivalent to the industry standard. Take a look at this study and other university studies that confirm the positive benefits of using DUST.

See the university studies

Cleaner Safer American Soy

Our Values

  • We respect and value our partners who provide whole-hearted service in Agriculture
  • We value knowledge, sustainability, and innovation
  • We value family and safety on our farms and businesses
  • We value quality products serviced with strong business ethics
  • We value friendliness and open communication, helpfulness, and hard work
  • We value professionalism and solution-oriented focus when working with suppliers and farmers

Customer Testimonials

  • Daniel Braet

    Daniel Braet, Iowa

    We’ve been using this product for the last four years now. We’ve chosen to use it over graphite. It’s cleaner, easier to use. We’ve seen a great improvement in emergence and stability. Clean-up is very easy. It’s not on your clothes, it’s easy to wipe off and clean-up of machinery is very easy. We take a little bit of compressed air, maybe a wire brush, and off it goes.

    Daniel Braet, corn and soybeans. Bellevue, Iowa
  • David Walton

    David Walton

    We decided at the beginning of the season to setup a comparison between the two (graphic/talc and DUST) because I was not familiar with DUST. We used graphic/talc in one hopper of the planter and we used DUST on the other. The thing that jumped out at me first was on the monitor. We could see on the DUST side of the planter a more even drop rate compared to the talc and graphite side. The next thing we noticed was the cleanliness. On the DUST side, the mini hoppers didn’t have any residue whatsoever. On the side we used talc and graphite on, it had a little build-up of graphite. When you’d fill the graphite side on a windy day, it was everywhere. The DUST side, when you’d fill it, there was basically nothing on you. It was a night and day different. It made the wife happy for sure.

    Corn & Soybeans, Wilton, Iowa

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