Why is Dust Different?

Dust is new to planters and the industry.  How is it different?  It’s a protein made 100 percent from soybeans. The picture attached to this posting shows the shape of the product under a microscope.  This shape helps seeds move and slide more, acting like ball bearings and having far fewer jagged edges than competitive Read More >

Seed Coatings Are Important

We had a colleague share this with us recently. Very thought provoking and one of the reasons we’re developing an all Soy based seed coating. Early tests have been VERY positive in holding active ingredients to the seed. Even better is the coating working in conjunction with Dust! You can find this article by copying Read More >

Welcome To Our Re-launched Site

Since May 1, we’ve been in the process of adding new functionality to our website.  Thanks to those of you that have toured.  We are ALWAYS looking to improve.  It is after all, what lead us to the creation of Dust!  Like the seed rapidly turning into a plant, in the picture, our efforts are Read More >