Month: February 2020

Research showing Comparison of Soy Protein Based Seed Lubricant

Posted on Feb 6, 2020

Comparison of Soy Protein Based and Commercial Available Seed Lubricants ABSTRACT. Seed lubricants play a crucial role in proper seed singulation by ensuring a smooth flow of the seeds through the metering unit. However, the harmful chemicals inadvertently expelled along with the air during the seed metering process have raised concerns regarding the negative effects […]

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Soy-Protein Seed Lubricant: Learn More From K-State Research

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An Environment-Friendly Seed Lubricant For Pneumatic Row Crop Planters Read K-States review of DUST from LowMuTech Seed lubricants have been used for many years to keep seeds from clumping together during planting. The most common seed lubricant has been a combination of Graphite and talc, but this product can be abrasive to the insecticide coatings […]

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