Low Mu Tech Technical Bulletin Update: Use Rates – 4/26/19

Several users have contacted us recently regarding application rates. There is a range of application rates. We are finding with CCS/Center-fill planters that are larger than 24 rows that the application rate needs to START at one ounce per unit of seed. Application use rates will vary from a range of 1-2 ounces on the low side up to 3 ounces plus on the high side. We recommend that you adjust your own planter for your own planting conditions and use starting point as a reference. If you are experiencing what you may consider a lot of extra product in the row unit, then reduce your rate while watching your singulation rates with the planter’s monitor to balance your needs.

See our label with recommended use rates, while considering our technical updates noted earlier in this document.

LowMuTech - Use Rate